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Many factors of depression are associated with diet; poor nutrition may disrupt your brain function and cause mental disorders, poor memory and poor physical condition.


Some of the factors which contribute to the onset of depression and other disorders of the nervous system and which we explore in the Nutritional Therapy Athens Clinic are:

  •  Blood sugar disorders

  •  Food intolerances

  •  Adrenal exhaustion due to stress, e.g. anxiety, trauma, grief, separation, electromagnetic radiation, use of computers, increased consumption of coffee, soft drinks and other stimulants

  •  Allergies

  •  Lack of essential fatty acids

  •  Incomplete methylation

  •  Neurotransmitter disorders due to lack of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein

  •  Toxicity


How the Nutritional Therapy Athens Clinic can help

We investigate the factors that may contribute to the onset of depression so that we are able to intervene effectively. For this purpose we record your complete health history and recommend specific functional tests that will reveal any cellular dysfunctions, such as thyroid dysfunction, gastrointestinal dysfunction, dysfunction of the detoxifying mechanisms, among others.


Personalized Nutritional Strategy

After the diagnostic assessments comes the development of individualized nutritional strategies, including the use of special nutritional supplements and suggestions for a healthy lifestyle. We do not have the same approach for everyone because the causes of depression and the needs of every individual are unique as their fingerprints are. We restore the balance of your system while shaping with you some changes that will help you overcome the difficulties of everyday life by applying techniques of personal empowerment and coaching. Feel good; you have the right to enjoy life!