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Impotence can have several important effects on a man’s psychology. The expectations to perform can lead to a vicious cycle of fear, anxiety and worry, to the degree that it can affect normal body functions in the sexual act.


Possible causes:

• Low levels of testosterone

• Alcoholism, smoking, addictions

• Intestinal dysbiosis, gut leaks

• Diabetes

• Pharmacology

• Mumps

• Multiple sclerosis

• Anatomical problem 

• High blood pressure

• Depression

• Obesity

• Very strenuous exercise


How the Nutritional Therapy Athens Clinic can help

To successfully deal with erectile dysfunction our main concern is to find the cause. We record your full health history and recommend special functional tests that will reveal any dysfunctions of the hormonal system, the circulatory system, the gastrointestinal system, the detoxifying mechanisms, possible nutrient deficiencies and any hidden food intolerances, among others.


Personalized Nutritional Strategy

After the diagnostic assessments we lay out the individualized nutritional strategy, including special nutritional supplements and suggestions for a proper way of life. We incorporate in the dietary plan foods that help, like whole grains, legumes, nuts, vegetables, avocado, eggs. Selected amino acids, like carnitine, arginine, minerals such as zinc, manganese, magnesium and vitamins like vitamin E, herbs, pycnogenol, among others.