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About one in a hundred people suffer from schizophrenia with many different symptoms such as hallucinations, disordered behavior along with speech and expression as positive emotions fluently in some cases.The implementation of nutritional therapy in combination with medical monitoring and medication can improve symptoms and possible side effects of drugs.


Possible causes we investigate

• Poor methylation, intoxication and brain biochemical disorders

• High oxidative stress

• Intestinal dysbiosis and leaky gut

• High stress load, elevated cortisol levels , low vitC

• Inheritance

• Pyrrolouria

• Food allergies or hidden intolerances, coeliac disease

•Poor diet, prepackaged meals, processed foods

• Nutrient Deficiencies eg vit B3 , B6 , vit C, folic acid , omega-3 , omega-6 , zinc , among other

• Increased blood sugar due to high consumption of sugar, white flour and processed carbohydrates generally

• Increased consumption of stimulants and addictive substances including coffee, soft drinks, smoking, alcohol etc.

• Exposure to heavy metals eg lead water pipes, mercury from dental amalgam, environmental toxins , household chemicals like cleaners , etc.

• Malfunction of detoxification mechanisms


How Nutritional Therapy Athens Clinic can help you

First of all investigate to discover the causes of schizophrenia. Record the full Health history and eating habits in order to recommend special functional tests that will reveal any dysfunctions of the of the gastrointestinal system, methylation, neurotransmitters, pyrrolourias, the existence of oxidative stress and antioxidant mechanisms. Investigate whether there are any heavy metals and other toxic substances, potential nutrient deficiencies, hidden food intolerances among others.


Personalized Nutritional Strategy

We recommend reducing consumption of coffee, alcohol, sweets and refined carbohydrates while incorporate more natural foods in the Dietary plan and proper amino acids, minerals and vitamins among them vit A, E , Vit B3 , B6 , vit C, folic acid , essential fatty acids Omega 3 , 6 in the appropriate dosages. Research suggest zinc may play an important role in many cases.