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The secret for successful weight loss is not in hunger and deprivation. We can eat a large variety of foods in filling quantities as long as we keep our blood sugar in normal levels, among other things we will discuss during your individual session. Normal blood sugar levels and therefore insulin secretion is one of the main factors in dropping the extra pounds and feeling well.


How the Nutritional Therapy Athens Clinic can help

These are the factors we investigate in order to find out the causes for your weight gain, in summary: 

• Blood sugar levels, diet and other factors affecting it

• Food intolerances

• Thyroid and adrenals function

• Toxins, heavy metals

• Dysbiosis, Candida fungi in the gut 


At the Nutritional Therapy Athens Clinic we record your full health history and we suggest special functional type tests, like an ΙgG immune system test for food intolerances, adrenals function test, toxicity load among others that will show malfunctions at a cell function level, so that we can identify the hidden causes and factors which may affect the persistent existence of extra weight.


Individualized Nutritional Strategy

After the diagnostic evaluation we develop the individualized nutritional strategy aiming at permanent weight loss and an elevated mood. During the sessions we apply coaching and personal reinforcement techniques and we teach you how to be on top of the situation and be a winner once and for all.