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Important nutritional habits

So that you stay away from cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, obesity, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, gout, autoimmune diseases, skin disease, allergies, asthma, etc.

Keep the main meals. It’s better to call them medium meals, because you do not need to consume large quantities... In between we have nutritious snacks.

Breakfast - snack - lunch - snack - dinner. Protein participates in all of them and even dominates! At breakfast it may be an egg, the snack may be natural nuts, for lunch meat, at dinner cheese. See a balanced dish and a healthy and quick snack at this link: http://www.nutritherapy.gr/images/stories/HealthyWeight.pdf

Prefer multigrain or whole wheat bread, the one where you can see the seeds or fibers. The bread with your meal must be half the size of your palm and as thick as that. Rest assured that with this amount and the quality of this bread you will probably be full and perhaps leave some uneaten. Avoid frequent consumption of cakes, cookies, pastries, donuts, pizza with puffy dough, pies, kebabs with pita bread, hamburgers and generally any food with white flour and white sugar in large quantities.

Be smart:

-Do you want cake? Have a slice half the size of your palm and as thick as your palm and eat it as a snack together with 10 natural almonds or 3 walnuts! As for cookies, now you can find sugar-free, whole grain or made with oats. Remember as always to be stingy with the quantities. A round biscuit with 1 goat’s milk yogurt and 2-3 strawberries makes a smart and quick breakfast or snack.

- Do you want a cheesepie? Prefer one made in a pan, and make it the size of your palm... remove all the underneath dough, fold it and eat smart! With 10 natural pistachios you have a healthy snack at work.

-Do you really want pizza? Prefer one with very thin dough, like they make it in Italy. Ask for mozzarella or feta cheese, ham, mushrooms, green pepper, onion and enjoy your dinner with a hearty, colorful salad with lemon or vinaigrette (oil-balsamic vinegar).

-Do you want a hamburger? Prefer one with lots of vegetables, double burger, 1 slice of cheese and a little mustard. Get rid of one of the bread slices. It’s better if you eat it with a knife and fork. Along with a plateful of colorful salad you will have a good, quick meal!

-Do you want a kebab? Easy! Choose skewers with meat rather than fat... lots of salad without dressing... Make it an even more delicious dish with brown rice and salad.

To get an appetite for healthy food

You find cooking legumes difficult? Now it’s made easier!

Lentils   http://www.barbastathis.com/index.asp?a_id=429

Chickpeas  http://www.barbastathis.com/index.asp?a_id=45&c_id=36&p_id=50

Dry beans http://www.bofrost.gr/website/product_info.php?cust_id=&template_id=&lang=gr&cPath=&cPath=1_4

Here’s an idea! Delicious and very nutritious bean pate: Take 3 tablespoons from the beans you prepared and some of the water you boiled them in, mash them with a fork or a blender and add 1 tablespoon olive oil, some lemon and chopped parsley if you have it (it keeps well in the freezer). Your pâté is ready! Spread it on 2 toasted slices of whole wheat bread with prebiotic fibers or on 2-3 barley crackers. A nice snack or dinner, it’s your choice...

Let's increase our consumption of Omega 3 essential fatty acids with salmon, cod, mackerel, tuna, sardines, and the use of flaxseed in our food everyday. There are also omega-3 nutritional supplements of certified purity from toxic metals.

We study and consult the Glycemic Load, an important index. Based on recent research this index is even more important than the Glycemic Index. Here’s why:

• The Glycemic Index indicates how fast a food raises your blood sugar

• The Glycemic Load indicates how fast and in what quantity a food raises your blood sugar.


A portion of spaghetti (180g) 

Glycemic Index 39

Glycemic Load 18

A slice of white bread 

Glycemic Index 54

Glycemic Load 9

So what will you prefer at lunch to make you feel full? The portion of spaghetti or the slice of bread?




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