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Brain function check-up

Check the organizational functions of your child’s brain

Depending on the age of your child, rate the following. 

0 = no 1 = rarely 2 = frequently 3 = always


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 Needs constant reminders to start school work ()

Stops studying when the adult leaves the room ()

Disorganized ()

Terribly messy ()

Does not keep track of all school work ()

Does not understand how much time each task requires()

Cannot easily calculate what is needed at what time, e.g. requests materials for tomorrow’s project at the last minute ()

May do the project and forget to turn it in ()

Does not treat well the people he/she needs or who help him/her ()

Does not easily learn from his/her mistakes ()

Does not easily understand how others react to his/her behavior ()

Cannot keep track of the sequence of commands, e.g. Brush your teeth, get dressed and come for breakfast ()

Has good intentions but in the end fails to execute the plan ()

Reacts quickly and too easily ()

Excessive anger, e.g. screaming, throwing things, tightened fists etc. ()

Hyperactivity, e.g. always doing something, barely sits in his/her seat ()

Must immediately satisfy his/her wishes ()

Great spontaneity, acting without thinking ()

Acts as if he/she has no boundaries ()

Has difficulty passing to the next activity, e.g. it is difficult for him/her to stop playing and come for dinner ()

Has no self-control ()

All these are organizational abilities needed to execute a plan we set our minds on to. The child has problems with organizational functions ()

Kutscher M., MD 2007


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