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The initial session usually lasts about 50΄ minutes.

The first session focuses on the analysis of dietary habits, lifestyle and health history, in the light of your responses to the Health Questionnaire. We discuss their effect on your present health condition, which is what matters.
We also estimate and examine essential physiological functions such as that of the immune system, the cardiovascular, the hormonal
, the nervous system, your detoxification capacity among other functions and whether they are responsible for many of the problems that arise, as well as increased weight.
We also take into account the psychological and emotional factors while the session is always based on education, empowerment, respect and protection of personal data.

What you will receive after the meeting:
Once data from the first session is collected and studied, special nutritional needs are recorded, the daily menu is chosen including the nutrients in food supplements, like vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and the other natural remedies, such as herbal preparations, naturopathic techniques etc., that are deemed necessary in order to create:
• A personal Diet Plan with full menus
• Tasty, easy and if necessary “free of...” recipes with colored photos
• Appropriate exercise proposals, tailored to your lifestyle
• Detailed information on good nutrition and pleasant changes in everyday life in order to improve our quality of life and fight adverse symptoms
• Special Supplements Program with complete instructions
• Proposed specific laboratory tests for diagnostic assessments, if necessary for more targeted treatment.


The first follow-up session is usually after 5-6 weeks and lasts 50΄. It may
a) focus on the analysis of metabolic or other laboratory tests if they where conducted, to help form your Personalized diet plan taking the results into account
b) focus on monitoring the progress of the program and designing the future course. This applies to all subsequent follow-up sessions.
We offer daily email contact between arranged sessions.
In all sessions we apply personal empowerment and support techniques (Personal Coaching).

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Online Skype Session

Online Skype Session

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